music For Picture

Film Scores


A short film written and directed by  Adam Turkel (2018)

A police sketch artist works with the survivor of a sexual assault to come up with a drawing of the suspect.

Freehand will be doing the festival circuit in the fall of 2018. Watch the trailer, featuring a music cue from the film. 


39 Across

A short film written and directed by  Adam Turkel (2016)

A housewife begins to suspect her husband's fidelity when she encounters a frightening clue in a crossword puzzle.

With an award-winning score written and recorded by Jack Broza. Watch the whole film or listen to the music cues below.

The Players

An unreleased short heist film by Nick Mars (2015)

Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 10.25.51 PM.png

Leaves and Grass 

Video art project by Jack Broza and Leonard Galmon

Leaves and Grass is an artistic collaboration of true spontaneity. The 18 minute video, fully scored with music is constructed in four sections; the first two flow directly into each other, there is a moment of silence at the midpoint, and then last pair unfolds continuously. The musical composition blends live instruments -- violin, cello, clarinet, guitar, piano, drum kit, voices -- into dense studio soundscapes that integrate synthesizers, voices, and noise. The project would better be described as music with picture than for picture as the two were created side by side and cannot exist independently.