Music For Hire

Jack has written, produced, and played for a wide variety of other people's projects. The following are a few examples of those endeavors, which include commercial music composition, session work, sound engineering/live sound, and pit orchestras.  If you like what you hear, let me know via the Contact page


Commercial music

The following cues were composed for the new Yale Journal of International Affairs podcast


Session Work

Jack has played a wide range of session dates for film music, commercials, singer/songwriter tracks and more. Check out some of these projects below

Naked Prayers and Mara

Two singer song-writer albums by Mara Measor  

Don't Even Think of Parking Here

A Documentary short by Ernie Fritz



A short film by Krista Whetstone

Grazers: A Cooperative Story

A Film by Sarah Teale abd Lisa F. Jackson

Sound Engineering and Mixing

Having grown up in a family of musicians, Jack has always been at home in the studio. He has assisted in the studios on recording sessions from a young age and has developed a significant home studio. Because of this he is called to engineer and mix other musicians projects, including his own debut album, Gather, Together.

 Live Audio

Jack is often called to run live sound and record performances. Past concerts have concluded jazz festivals, classical music programs, and folk music showcases. The Trio below is from a new music showcase from Spring 2016.

Pit Work

· “Under,” A Con-Etiquette Production (Fringe Theater Festival, New York, New York) 2015

· “Mr. Burns:  A Post Electric Play,” Yale University Mainstage (New Haven, Connecticut) 2015

· “13,” ARC Stages (Pleasantville, New York) Theater Group 2013

· “Dance Theater Workshop,” The Dalton School 2013

· “Romeo and Juliet: The Musical,” The Dalton School 2012