Jack's work unites his musical foundations in jazz harmony and rhythm with the compositional principles instilled through classical training. Listen and watch below to selected works and performances and please stay tuned as new work is on way.


Opera x Metamorphoses

OXM is a multimedia theater production that reinterprets four stories from Ovid's ancient narrative poem that was staged in April 2018 with director/writer Rocky Bostick and choreographer Ann -Marie Gover. Jack composed 90 minutes of music, which were set to dance, dialogue, and video as part of a devised process in which the team collectively authored the show in the rehearsal room. Below is a promo from the Byblis narrative, featuring Jaquana Ricks, and photos from the April production. More videos from the April production coming soon!

Gather, Together

Released on my 22nd birthday, July 20, 2018, Gather is my biggest project to date. Eight tracks run continuously into one another for 48 minutes of seamless music that leaps dramatically between styles and moods.

Other ize

Jack's most recent chamber work for two male vocalist, violin, cello, and piano, reflects on an encounter between strangers. Performed on May 2nd, 2017, at Yale University by Miles Walter, Kenyon Duncan, Serena Shapard, Benjamin Fleischacker, and Alois Cerbu. 

In response to Art

Yosemite: The Incomparable Valley

Jack was asked to construct a musical response to the Yale University Art Gallery's new exhibition on the Yosemite Valley. The program he put together was a mix of through composed pieces and structured improvisations performed by two guitars, trumpet, cello, and bass, and various subsets of that group. Enjoy these excerpts:

This first pair of pieces, the first a quartet and the second a duet, opened the concert: 

This structured improvisation for quartet and live electronics considers the echoes of the Yosemite landscape; musicians emulate the sonic reflections off of the valley's granite cliffs and shape them in to an aural meditation on Yosemite's past and present civilizations. 

In response to Art

Harlem Renaissance 

There Are No Words was composed for a concert in the Beinecke Library exhibition on the Harlem Renaissance. The duet for marimbas is a response to photographs of the "Silent Parade" of 1917, which was one of the first major protests to jim crow. A crowd of thousands of African-Americans gathered on 59th St. and marched in silence down 5th Avenue in a powerful gesture of solidarity.

I've ONly Been Young

cropped hamtpons guitar .jpeg

I've Only Been Young is Jack's first multi-movement chamber work. Written and recorded over an eight month span, the duet for nylon string guitars presents Jack's voice as both a instrumentalist and a composer. The work is in six sections: three full fledged movements that each explore different textural worlds alternate with three shorter segments (a prelude, and two interludes). The titles of each moment reflect the ideas that engendered them, all dealing with themes of passing time and growing up.

I've Only Been Young - 2016, for two guitars [25']

Prelude - Our Song [2'] 

I - Breathing Time Machine [4']

Interlude I [2']

II - I Drifted. [8']

Interlude II [1']

III - Thinking Too Much or Not Thinking At All [8.5']

Additional CHamber Music

Jack also writes music without the guitar in hand. These pieces were written and performed for in concert setting.

With a title borrowed from Hitchcock's Vertigo, this piece uses the four voices of the string quartet to explore themes of togetherness and solitude. It contrasts the strength of partnership with the aimlessness of the lone wanderer. But maybe it's when we are alone that the most beautiful moments occur.  Premiered at Yale University, November 2015

Spring and Fall by Gerard Manley Hopkins is about having trouble with change, getting lost in thought, and the tragic indifference of old age. “Unleaving” sets Hopkins' poem using a few simple falling gestures. Workshopped and performed by the Adam Marks Jen Beattie duo, February 2016

Written to accompany a dance choreographed by Clara Hopkins Daniels (watch the video here),  this piece was co-composer with Curtis Colton Green. Recorded and produced by Jack Lawrence, performed by Mac Taback, 2014.

WOrkshop Duo

Jack and pianist composer Curtis Colton Green together form Workshop Duo, a jazz and new music guitar-piano composer/performer ensemble. Listen below to Jack's compositions Roda and Drawing Closer off their self-released EP.

Additional pieces and productions

For Jazz Combo

Electronic Works

The remix above, a product of an old old dance-music hobby, took off on the internet and reached over 60 thousand plays.